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International Health Symposium at Swansea University

Members of Swansea City of Sanctuary have teamed up to deliver a symposium on International Health at Swansea University’s Medical School.

The symposium, which took place during the morning of September 12th, was attended by around 75 second-year medical students in the schools graduate intake. They heard presentations on international health and cultural competency from Prof. Steve Allen and Dr. Ana Sergio da Silva of Swansea University; Dr Chris Bidder, a paediatrician who presented on human trafficking; and Richard Lewis of Swansea City of Sanctuary, who presented on barriers to healthcare for asylum seekers and refugees.

The students then considered four case studies, ranging from female genital mutilation to post traumatic stress disorder. They were led by each of the presenters, along with representatives from the African Community Centre in Swansea, Cymru AHT and Athena Counselling.

This is the second year that Swansea City of Sanctuary has partnered with Swansea University’s School of Medicine to present in depth issues around health that affect asylum seekers and refugees.