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Anti-Slavery Day Event 2013, Swansea.

Friday 18th October is Anti-Slavery Day, and to mark the day, Swansea City of Sanctuary, in partnership with Swansea University’s Student Union Human Rights Action Society, hosted a multi-sensory exhibition at the university’s Singleton Park campus.

The day, which was established in 2010 by the passing of the Anti-Slavery Day Act by the UK Parliament, is a national day to raise awareness of Human Trafficking and all forms of slavery and the need to eradicate the ever¬-growing international illegal trade in human beings which is second only to the international illegal trade in drugs.

The exhibition, which took place from 10 – 4pm, was ‘housed’ in a cargo container to symbolise one of the ways trafficking victims are clandestinely transported across borders. The exhibition had a specific focus on the issue of Human Trafficking in Wales and informed participants on the indicators of trafficking and how to report as well as how to use their power as consumers to lessen the global demand for cheap goods produced by slave labour. There were regular ‘lock-ins’ inside a container to give a sense of the conditions experienced by trafficked persons, who take great risks in the hope of improving their situation and that of their families and who are also often tricked into entering the UK illegally.

The event raised awareness of this gross violation of human rights and to equip the public with information to identify and report suspected cases of trafficking and/or related activity. Currently, detection rates are low and do not in any way reflect the extent of trafficking in human beings into and across the UK. Presently, this form of criminal activity is ‘low risk, high return’ and a co-ordinated response, involving information and awareness raising, increased reporting and detection, prosecution and victim support, across public and private spheres is critical to turn this situation on its head to becomes a ‘high risk, low return’ criminal activity.

If you would like more information on the exhibition material or you would like to display this exhibition at your organisation, please e-mail [email protected].