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​Our Vision:

For Swansea to be part of a network of Cities and other places of Sanctuary, which:

  • Are welcoming to all
  • Are proud to offer sanctuary to those fleeing violence or persecution
  • Support and includes asylum seekers and refugees
  • Celebrate their contribution to the life of the community.

Our Aims:

  1. To transform the experience of asylum seekers and refugees living in Swansea for the better.
  2. To make Swansea a better place for everyone by spreading a culture of welcome and recognising the contribution of all to our city
  3. To share what we do, our achievements and learning, with others in the network so that the vision of sanctuary can be realised across Wales and the UK.

​What would our vision look like in practice?

Wherever people seeking sanctuary go – e.g. schools, services, voluntary groups, businesses, faith and community groups, their own neighbourhoods and streets– they would find people who welcome them, understand why they are here, support them, and, most important of all include them actively as participants, volunteers and members.

​The City of Sanctuary Process: Working towards our Vision

We are a grassroots movement of people seeking sanctuary and other residents working together.

  1. We welcome asylum seekers and refugees
    a) Offer a positive vision of a culture of hospitality and welcome to all.
    b) Make sure people seeking sanctuary are welcomed and supported at all stages of the asylum process
    c) Extend welcome to all neighbourhoods where people seeking sanctuary live
  2. Proud to be a place of safety”
    a) Communicate the City of Sanctuary vision, raise awareness of refugee issues and share what is happening, e.g. through a refugee speakers team, website, social media, newsletters, exhibitions, press
    b) Celebrate and promote the welcome and contribution of people seeking sanctuary
    c) Work towards a long-term strategy for the city to become a real City of Sanctuary
  3. City of Sanctuary is what all our supporters do”
    a) Collect pledges of support from organisations all over our city
    b) Support them to turn their pledges to action to welcome and include those seeking sanctuary within their own organisation; recognise them with Sanctuary Awards
    c) Bring supporting organisations together; facilitate information sharing, identification of unmet needs and opportunities for practical action; help implement solutions through working groups or partnership projects involving volunteers
  4. Refugees are part of us”
    a) Support people seeking sanctuary to be involved in decision making at all levels and in all activities
    b) Bring locals and people seeking sanctuary together through social and celebratory events
    c) Ensure the refugee voice is heard and that people seeking sanctuary work together with locals in addressing issues defined as priority by asylum seekers and refugees

We are looking towards the long term future of the City of Sanctuary movement in Swansea and beyond, working on a long term strategy involving more people as volunteers, leaders and committee members.