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We are Ten!!



On 21 June 2010 we held a celebration in the Brangwyn Hall to mark our achievement of national recognition as only the second City of Sanctuary in the UK, and the first in Wales. (See here and click through to see photos of the event and a poem written to mark it – but not the Evening Post story – it’s no longer there!)

Before that we sent a delegation to the national City of Sanctuary network meeting in Coventry on 17th May 2010 (see here) with a film and report on how we had met all of the criteria set. We had gathered the support of 105 local organisations, including faith communities, small businesses, South Wales Police and South Wales Evening Post. The City and Council of Swansea had also passed a unanimous resolution of support. Later we sent another delegation to present the City of Sanctuary certificate to the Lord Mayor the Council meeting on 19 September (see here).

We planned to launch a year-long series of events to mark the tenth anniversary at the Glynn Vivian on 20 June, but like almost everything it has been cancelled. We hope we can soon start celebrating face-to-face again, but in the meantime we will start a year of celebrating online, bringing our slogans to life:

We are what our supporters do!

We will be showcasing some of our supporting organizations and how they have found different ways to welcome and include asylum seekers and refugees.

Refugees are part of us!

We will celebrate how people seeking sanctuary really have become part of us, bringing their skills and enthusiasm to help make Swansea the great place it is.

Please watch our facebook page, sign up as a supporter, and get your organization to pledge support.