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Changes to Red Cross Destitution Clinic

We are reposting this information from Amy Dutton, the British Red Cross Destitution Clinic Worker.

The Red Cross will be starting an additional clinic on Wednesday mornings from 10-12.30 at the Welsh Refugee Offices at 49 Walter Road (they will need to push the buzzer for WRC to be let in). Currently there will only be a limited amount of cash to distribute from this clinic but if you have a client you feel needs urgent help feel free to send them to the clinic and they will distribute on a first come, first serve basis. (Please note: each service user will still only receive one payment per week for 12 weeks.) This time will also be an opportunity for those who are needing longer appointments for advice or small pieces of casework.

Clothing voucher schme:
Unfortunately this scheme has been halted as the national Red Cross policy on this is changing. For the foreseeable future the Red Cross will not be distributing vouchers. There are some small children’s and some adult clothing at the Friday clinic. If someone is in urgent need they are able to distribute some items free of charge.


Home Office Appointments in Liverpool:
If you have a client who needs to attend an appointment in Liverpool with the Home Office, the Red Cross might be able to order and pay for their tickets.  Please ask them to bring their Home Office letter showing their appointment.

Amy can be reached on: [email protected]