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We thank our volunteers

Earlier this month we took the opportunity to thank our volunteers for their hard work and dedication by hosting a Volunteer Celebration event.

The event which took place on September 8th brought together around thirty volunteers and provided a chance for individuals to get to know one another and have some fun over a shared lunch.

The celebration took place at Matt’s Cafe, a project of one of our pledged supporters, Matthew’s House, which creates tasty, wholesome meals entirely from donations, operating a pay what you can afford policy.

At the event, individuals were each given a jigsaw piece and asked to find the rest of their team members, in order to participate in a quiz including questions from the Life in the UK test, and more general questions about Swansea.

One of our newest volunteers very kindly wrote a short piece reflecting on her experiences of the day:
“As a recent addition to the City of Sanctuary volunteer wing, I most looked forward being able to meet with fellow volunteers in a like-minded supportive setting  fitting Matt’s Cafe, which provides ‘meals for everyone’, on a pay as you feel basis.  Upon arrival we signed in and had a mingle, some familiar faces, some new faces. Before lunch we all participated in a picture game, enabling people sat on different tables to interact. The pop quizzes were enjoyable and offered some local and national history insight, as well as further awareness for volunteers. I left having made new friends, feeling welcomed and well fed!”

Following the quiz and a shared lunch, volunteers were individually presented with a certificate of appreciation. We hope the event was enjoyable for all involved, and once again want to thank everyone who gives their time and skills to Swansea City of Sanctuary.