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Swansea City of Sanctuary says Thank You to its volunteers!

Yesterday Swansea City of Sanctuary hosted a fantastic event to say thank you to our volunteers, without whom we could not function as an organisation.

To say thank you to our fantastically dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers, we arranged a family-friendly private screening of The BFG at the Taliesin Arts Centre. We gratefully acknowledge the long-standing and continued support of the Taliesin Arts Centre, who on this occasion liaised with the film’s distributor and managed to get the rights to show the film at a private screening for free. This meant that our project’s limited finances could go further to make the event as special as possible, ensuring that attendees all received sweets and drinks to fully enjoy the film experience.

The nature of the private screening meant that volunteers could bring their families to accompany them at the celebration. Having the disposable income to see a film in the cinema is one of many activities which is typically beyond the realms of possibility for asylum seekers surviving on a maximum of £5.28 a day.

We also want to take this opportunity to thank Oranges and Lemons Cymru, who sourced Christmas presents to give to our volunteers’ children. We’re aware that Christmas, and the associated pressure to give gifts, can cause stress for any parent, but especially those on a limited income like asylum seekers.

For some children of our asylum seeking volunteers the event marked their first trip to the cinema, making it an extra special day. The BFG was a particularly fitting film for Swansea City of Sanctuary, as Roald Dahl is a Welsh treasure. It was a real pleasure to share the gloriumptious, phizz-whizzing magic of his world with our wonderful volunteers!

Thanks again to the Taliesin Arts Centre and Oranges and Lemons Cymru, who made the day such a success. Finally, a huge thank you to all our brilliant volunteers – we could not function without your dedication, enthusiasm and support.