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Statement of Support for the Right to Strike

We strongly support everyone’s right to work with fair pay and decent working conditions,
and wish to express our solidarity with those publicly defending the Right to Strike.

While Swansea City of Sanctuary focuses on promoting welcome and inclusion for those
fleeing violence and persecution, we are equally committed to making our city a better
home for everyone. Upholding human rights for all is a basic part of this commitment.

We support both the Unions’ campaign for decent pay and working conditions and the “Lift
the Ban” campaign for the right of asylum seekers to work. In fact several unions including
Unison and the TUC itself are part of the Lift the Ban Coalition.

Many asylum seekers have fled countries where rights are denied. In their home countries
they may have been forbidden from striking and often punished for demanding their right
to strike when facing unjust working conditions which threatened their own and their
families’ lives. Under these circumstances many people become refugees.

At present many basic rights are under threat from our current government, including not
only the right to strike but also the right to peaceful protest and indeed the right to claim
asylum. The government seems intent on watering down its commitment to human rights
altogether with its proposed so-called “Bill of Rights” (better termed “Rights Removal Bill”).
This could put us on the path towards some of the same persecution which has led people
to flee other countries.

Swansea City of Sanctuary wants people to live in their own home countries and we would
never like Swansea people to have to leave their home city or country. We support the
right of workers everywhere to strike for better working and living conditions.


Swansea City of Sanctuary
1st February 2023