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A Message of Solidarity

Sadly, at least 27 people have reportedly drowned while crossing the Channel from France on Wednesday.

We are heartbroken to read about this devastating news. Our thoughts are with the friends and family of the people who have lost their lives, and those who were on the boat with them. May they rest in peace and may their memory be a blessing.

Stand up to Racism are planning an emergency vigil in Castle Square, Swansea, tomorrow (Friday 26th November) at 5:30PM, and we urge you to join to show a message of solidarity.

This is the worst humanitarian tragedy connected to the Channel in recent times. Too many lives have been lost due to unsafe travel to the UK, we cannot let this continue.

These deaths could have been prevented. No one should feel that their only option is to cross the busiest shipping lane in the world in a small boat. This is why the UK and the EU need to take action now to provide less hostile policies and ensure that there are safe and legal routes with humanitarian visas available.

Don’t let them drown, end the racist hostile environment, scrap the borders bill.

And we say loud and clear: Refugees are welcome here!

“you have to understand,that no one puts their children in a boatunless the water is safer than the land”

Warsan Shire




Image by Takver from Australia, CC BY-SA 2.0