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Free awareness-raising training available through Swansea CVS.

We are pleased to be delivering a free awareness-raising training session, about issues affecting asylum seekers and refugees, through the Swansea CVS training programme.

The training will be co-delivered by our Sanctuary Speaker Volunteers who are ‘experts-by-experience’ of the UK asylum system.  We feel it is particularly important for training participants to have the opportunity to hear directly from people seeking sanctuary, in order to fully appreciate and understand these issues. Many previous training participants have said that this aspect of the training was the highlight for them.

Here are some responses to the question “What was the best part of the training?”
“Having listened to somebody’s true experiences.”
“Talking about the issues faced by asylum seekers and refugees and hearing about these first-hand.”
“Hearing the stories of the facilitators, and the difficulties they have faced prior to, and now whilst awaiting refugee status.”

This training is intended to increase knowledge and understanding of issues affecting asylum seekers and refugees. Participants will be equipped with:

  • Definitions of different categories of migrant
  • An overview of the UK asylum system
  • Knowledge of where people seeking sanctuary flee from and where they flee to
  • The Welsh perspective, what happens here and how it differs from the rest of the UK
  • An overview of support systems in the UK
  • Barriers faced by people seeking sanctuary
  • Knowledge of how you/ your organisation can help to support people seeking sanctuary in Wales.

Book a free place on this training here.