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Donation from Square Peg Coffee House

We would like to say a big thank you to Square Peg Coffee and their wonderful customers who attended The Peg Talks on August 11th.

Earlier in the year, Eleri and Sanctuary Speaker volunteer, A, were delighted to be invited to speak at the third Peg Talks session. The Peg Talks are an innovative and successful way of proving that Swansea is not the graveyard of ambition. It’s full of amazing people doing inspiring things.

We were approached by Peg Talks organiser, Ben, who enquired about refugee organisations working in Swansea.
We are delighted that they chose to donate any money collected during the night to us, with the specification it goes towards bus tickets for asylum seekers who have £5.28 a day to survive on.

The money raised (over £100) equates to more than 25 daily bus tickets. This will make a big difference to the people we work with on a day to day basis. It could mean someone is able to access an English class, or another training opportunity they might otherwise not be able to attend due to having to choose between buying a bus ticket or buying food for that day.

Thank you so much to those that donated money, know that it will make a difference to people seeking sanctuary in Swansea.