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The Succour Grip: Poetry by Dr. T. M. Ako, about Schools of Sanctuary Awards

At our recent prestigious Schools of Sanctuary Awards Ceremony, Dr. T. M. Ako read her poem, “The Succour Grip“, about her experience as a panelist for the awards:

Today I sing a song of praise,
To all the schools of sanctuary;
That have stood their grounds,
To lead this race at their pace.

You’ve hit the criteria for creativity,
And have led by example.
This great example to sanctuary seekers,
Reminds us of your unconditional love and support.

You’ve delved into sanctuary issues;
Learning and yearning daily,
Broadening the minds of learners and staff;
And breaking the chains of racism.

Your connections and trainings,
Have crafted the best schools and students;
That today and tomorrow,
Communities shall emulate.

Today, your learners recount with ease,
Their journeys and trajectories;
Trials and tribulations,
As sanctuary seekers.

You’ve demonstrated best practices,
Aimed rightly at your goal,
Supported schools via networking
And shared resources for growth.

You’ve met the needs of all learners,
Through your diversified curriculum.
You’ve hit the sanctuary appraisal records,
And today we celebrate your achievements.

– Dr. T. M. Ako
June 2023

We’d like to thank Dr. T. M. Ako for her continued enthusiasm and wonderful contributions to the Awards Ceremony and to Swansea City of Sanctuary.