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Show Your Heart!


This Valentine’s Day, we are celebrating Hoogah’s recent pledge of support to Swansea City of Sanctuary, while raising awareness of the Show Your Heart Campaign run by Together with Refugees.
As you may know, the Anti-Refugee Bill is expected back in the House of Commons in the middle of March. If it is passed, this Bill will be the largest roll back of refugee rights that this country has ever seen. The most important thing for our movement is to push some key amendments that we want to see changed in the Bill.
The Bill demonises people simply because they are fleeing for their lives. It discriminates between people seeking asylum based on how they get to the UK. Presumably the Government thinks this will go down well with the public because asylum seekers are perceived as a threat. But we know that for many people the perceptions are very different and in fact very positive. Here in Swansea, together with the Council, we are proud to call our city a place of safety, a “City of Sanctuary”, and we want to make sure everyone knows this and call on them to join us.
The Show Your Heart Campaign, run by Together with Refugees, invites people to show their heart this Valentine’s Day by opposing the #AntiRefugeeBill.
Hoogah have very kindly created this amazing orange heart shaped pizza in support of the campaign. Thank you so much to Hoogah, to local councillor Irene Mann, to Sioned Williams AS/MS, and to Helen Clancy (Migration, Asylum Seeker and Refugee Coordinator at Swansea Council) for joining us today!
We hope you too can #ShowYourHeart this Valentine’s Day by opposing the #AntiRefugeeBill!🧡