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New Trustees and Volunteers Wanted for Swansea City of Sanctuary

We are always interested in meeting potential trustees to join our committee. This is a voluntary position. We are a fully voluntary organisation with no staff. 

We encourage applications from all sectors of society in Swansea and actively welcome people with experience of migration or being sanctuary seekers.

At the moment we particularly wish to meet people who would be prepared and capable of taking leading roles as we come out of the pandemic period. This is because long standing members of the committee are moving towards retirement or planning to reduce their input substantially.


We want to build on our successes by appointing new active trustees who are prepared to take on leadership roles to ensure that we continue to move towards our vision to become:

one of a network of cities which are welcoming to all, proud to offer sanctuary and support to those fleeing violence and persecution, and which celebrate the contribution of asylum seekers and refugees to city life. 

During the last 12 – 18 months we have increased our impact in various ways:

We have supported the asylum/ refugee sector by facilitating a forum of the various organisations to discuss and find solutions to joint concerns during the pandemic. This has proved so useful that the forum is to continue indefinitely.

Through our 10th anniversary celebrations, we have increased the awareness of asylum matters in the City.

You will be part of making a real difference to the almost 1000 asylum seekers in Swansea who we believe feel more at home and understood as a result of SCoS work – as well as making a difference to all who would like to live in a welcoming, diverse and inclusive city.

Suggested activities:

Take a lead in governance, initially whilst shadowing the current chair, secretary and treasurer, listening and sharing ideas to ensure good decision making.

Take on at least one specific responsibility, e.g. organising events, convening or taking part in a subgroup (e.g. on Schools or Universities of Sanctuary, Arts, Destitution, Pledged Organisations and Sanctuary Awards, Media and Communications)

(For more information see our ‘Vision, Aims and What We Do’ document.)

Time scale:

We would like to meet potential applicants as soon as possible with a view to new trustees being appointed by their pledged members at the SCoS AGM to be held mid-November.

Input required:

At present we hold committee meetings roughly monthly, on a weekday, with subgroups working in between these meetings to organise events, collaborate with pledged and supporting organisations, and encourage new pledges.

Pledged organisations can be large (e.g. public and private bodies, universities, housing associations) or small local community groups.

Various other events and meetings occur irregularly, sometimes in the evening or at week-ends.


We do not have a fixed office, but meet and organise events around Swansea.


New trustees will be paired with longer serving ones to provide an environment of mutual support, learning and the interchange of ideas.


We want enthusiastic people who will enjoy being part of a movement that includes those with and without lived experience of being a refugee or an asylum seeker.

We are seeking people who share our vision and are prepared to work between meetings.

We need people with specific skills, such as finance, fundraising, IT, social media, HR governance and also people willing to tackle whatever tasks need doing.

We expect all trustees and volunteers to accept joint responsibility in supporting Swansea as a City of Sanctuary.


Whether you have recently arrived in Swansea, have lived here for a while, or consider yourself to be Swansea born and bred, you can enrich your life through SCoS.

There are opportunities to represent Swansea at Wales and UK-wide events such as Sanctuary in the Senedd and Sanctuary in Parliament and to work with others across Wales and UK who are involved in the sanctuary movement.

We are able to reimburse travel expenses and data costs, and where required we loan out devices to ensure that all members have good online connectivity.

For more information or to express your interest, please contact: Kathryn Williams [email protected]/ 07748 653317