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The experiences of our volunteers

To celebrate Refugee Week we’re sharing the experiences of some of our volunteers. Today, we’re sharing the experience of Saba, a mentor on our ‘Welcome to Swansea’ project.

I have been volunteering for almost a year. This experience is the first time I’ve ever done any type of volunteering. The experience I get from volunteering is marvellous. I have gained confidence, learned new skills, met new friends, and helped people with their problems. I have realised how much difficulty people have been through, that my problems feel like nothing in front of theirs. Because I’m human I feel I have a lot of problems in my life. I feel exhausted and suffocated. But I didn’t quit life, because I am not a victim. I’m a survivor. I don’t like to show my problems to people, because I don’t want to hurt them. I always want to make people happy and smile. This is the only reason I volunteer. Helping people motivates me a lot, and I love doing what I’m doing.