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Share Tawe Hosting Workshop information Sessions 5th and 9th October 2015


For other contacts

[email protected]

Phone. 07848026247

Two workshops on Voluntary Hosting in Swansea

What does it involve?

Why is it needed?

Why it can be a really enjoyable thing to do.

How to preserve what is really special to you about your home while you are sharing it with others. 

How do we make it safe and manageable

Presentations…..discussion…..Come and meet  people who have hosted

Come along, even if you don’t feel sure this is for you. Find other ways of supporting the scheme.

Monday 5th October. 6.30 – 8.30

Friday 9th October 12.15 – 2.00

Both at YMCA Swansea. 1 Kingsway (on corner Page St)


If you are interested in hosting but can’t make these dates, let us know so that we can arrange a meeting or another workshop


(The Friday workshop is preceded by a workshop about opportunities to volunteer with refugee organisations 10.30 – 12.00))