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Three news stories in one day!

Swansea City of Sanctuary is delighted to share the three news stories published today by the South Wales Evening Post.

Hear from one of our wonderful volunteers, who shares her hopes for a new and safer life in Swansea.

She stated that she wished to stay in Swansea: “I live in a nice house with five other asylum seekers. I volunteer as a receptionist but I am unable to get a job while I am still waiting for the decision whether I can stay here. I don’t know many people but the ones that I have met have been quite friendly. It’s a lot safer and people are welcoming.”

A second article recaps some of our history, as a City of Sanctuary, which aims to provide a warm welcome to those seeking sanctuary.

The paper also included a story stating that Swansea lives up to its City of Sanctuary status. Richenda Leonard, Swansea City of Sanctuary Coordinator explained that, City of Sanctuary “is about showing the friendly face of Swansea and challenging the notion that people don’t want asylum seekers here. A lot of the racial hatred stems from the fact people do not understand what asylum seekers are.”

We are grateful to the South Wales Evening Post for writing these articles, at a time when there is so much attention on immigration and ongoing events in Calais.