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You are invited to come to a meeting to find out about “Fan Groups”

Wednesday 4th November at 7pm at the Quaker Meeting House on St Helen’s Rd.

FAN groups are a simple, popular way of bringing small groups of people together of all nationalities and ages. We think that they could make a real difference to making a Swansea a welcoming place – not just for refugees and asylum seekers but for everyone. They are also simple to run.

Here is an example of a FAN group in practice:

Fan groups meet regularly for a maximum of an hour. They are basically listening groups. After a simple opening statement which helps people feel welcome and safe, everyone in the group has a chance to speak for 2 or 3 minutes, while everyone listens. Then the group closes with a simple, affirming statement and many groups then go on to have tea or coffee together. There are already 14 groups in Cardiff, meeting in churches, asylum seeker drop ins, community centres and even in IKEA. They have made a real difference to people’s lives – including the lives of asylum seekers and refugees

For more information about FAN please look up the Fan Charity Website.

City of Sanctuary steering group  have invited Gillian Saunders, the founder of the Fan Charity and Amy Cuff the FAN  development worker to come and talk with people in Swansea who might be interested on 4th November. They will bring a film, explain how Fan Groups run and how they have brought friendship and support to many people.

Those of us who have spoken with Gillian and Amy have been really inspired by their experience and they are keen to help people in Swansea start groups here.

The evening will be informal and there will be a chance to talk over refreshments. Please come if you can. If you are interested but can’t come to this meeting please let us know as I’m sure we could arrange another meeting or Amy could come and talk with you or your group personally.

Hope to see you there. If you are definitely coming, it would be great if you let us know. Otherwise, just turn up! Do tell other people if you think they might be interested.