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Lift The Ban Campaign

‘Lift the Ban’, an ongoing campaign to allow asylum seekers to work, formed the focus of our AGM, held in July. Supporters of Swansea City of Sanctuary heard how many asylum seekers are forced into destitution, struggling to make ends meet on just £5.39 a day – despite being highly qualified and wanting to make a valuable contribution to society.

Under current rules, asylum seekers in the UK are forbidden from undertaking paid work for the first year whilst their claims are processed. As a body, we are backing the national campaign to change this, and asking the Government to Lift the Ban. Research has shown that the UK economy could benefit £42.4 million each year if the ban were lifted. Currently, asylum seekers can only apply to the Home Office for permission to work if they have been waiting for a decision on their asylum claim for over 12 months and only for jobs that are on the Government’s restricted Shortage Occupation List.

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