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‘A Hundred Thousand Welcomes’

The much awaited book, ‘A Hundred Thousand Welcomes’ is now ready and available to purchase online. Some of the stories in the book are from Swansea City of Sanctuary people Alan, Hannah, Rocio and Sian, who read extracts at our AGM in June.

This book, written by Tiffy Allen, brings to life the story of City of Sanctuary through a tapestry of personal stories from all over the network. The stories begin in Sheffield in 2005 and take us on a journey right up to this year. As well as spotlighting the ways many local groups, streams, and initiatives evolved, the book gives us important insights into our core values and offers inspiring examples of keeping ‘sanctuary’ central amidst the various challenges and changes we meet. The book is essential reading for anyone keen to get involved and understand what makes us tick. It is also a useful and readable introduction for anyone you may know who has little understanding about refugees but might be open to finding out more.

The book is available from us, or you can order yours today on this linkĀ