Swansea City of Sanctuary is part of a national movement  which builds a culture of hospitality and welcome, especially for individuals seeking sanctuary from war and persecution.

Our vision is to be one of a network of cities which are welcoming to all, which are proud to offer sanctuary and support to those fleeing violence or persecution, and which celebrate the contribution of asylum seekers and refugees to city life.

We work with over 100 organisations, faith groups, institutions, local businesses, schools and individuals to make this vision a reality.

Swansea City of Sanctuary has a Management Committee which ensures we share a clear sense of direction, and that in the future, Swansea will have the people, money and commitment to fulfill our vision.

We also have a great volunteer base, without whom we couldn’t function.

Recently, Swansea City of Sanctuary has begun working on a brand new Big Lottery funded project entitled ‘A Better Welcome to Swansea’. The project is managed by Swansea Council for Voluntary Service and builds on the mentoring project from the ‘Wales Cities of Sanctuary’ project.