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Swansea City of Sanctuary as an organisation is made up of Members & Pledged Supporters.  These can be individuals and organisations.

Please see the diagram below:

Membership Structure A4


  • Have a say in how Swansea City of Sanctuary works by voting at the AGM and other members’ meetings
  • Can nominate candidates to be Trustees on our Management Committee
  • Are committed to being involved in making the Swansea City of Sanctuary vision a reality as a priority in their own activities
  • Champion the City of Sanctuary vision in their area of work or community
  • Member organisations will be asked to name one authorised representative, who will be a point of contact and lead on work to build welcome for all in their organisation. They will have one vote at meetings.
  • From time to time (no more than annually), Members will be asked to renew their membership of Swansea City of Sanctuary to ensure our membership stays up-to-date.

Pledged Supporters

Swansea City of Sanctuary is what all our supporters do!

Full membership of Swansea City of Sanctuary not for you?

You can still show your support for our vision of a place of safety and welcome for all! If you complete and return our resolution of support, you will be asked whether or not you also want to be a member.

Pledged Supporters can also be individuals or organisations. They:

  • Publicly support the Swansea City of Sanctuary vision
  • Pledge to take action (however small!) to contribute to the vision becoming a reality
  • Are invited to Swansea City of Sanctuary Networking Event
  • Receive regular updates on Swansea City of Sanctuary activities

We will advertise pledged supporters (with permission) on our website until you tell us you no longer wish to pledge your support to Swansea City of Sanctuary.


Management Committee

As a voluntary organisation, Swansea City of Sanctuary is primarily run by Trustees, who make up its Management Committee. It is intended to register as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) within the next year. Trustees are responsible for deciding what the organisation’s priorities should be, how its money gets spent, and what to do if the organisation runs into any difficulties. If you are interested in volunteering as a Trustee, please contact the Secretary via [email protected]


Working Collaboratively
Our Management Committee aims to reflect the needs and priorities of Swansea City of Sanctuary’s Members, its Pledged Supporters and the city of Swansea. We organise Networking Meetings throughout the year which provide opportunities for Members and Pledged Supporters to discuss challenges and opportunities.
From time to time we convene meetings of people seeking sanctuary and those working directly with them in order to exchange information and facilitate partnership working. Project and policy updates from these meetings also inform the Management Committee’s planning.