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Ways to welcome people seeking sanctuary

 Step One – Pass a resolution of support for City of Sanctuary in Swansea

Step Two – Plan how you can turn your resolution into practical action.

Your organisation can make a real difference through some simple actions.

  • Send City of Sanctuary 2 or 3 simple sentences about your organisation to be included in a directory of organisations which welcome asylum seekers and refugees
  • Invite an asylum seeker or refugee to come to speak of their experience to your organisation or to a group of organisations in your area. (Contact us for details)
  • Display one of our “We welcome refugees and asylum seekers” signs outside your building or office (Available shortly)
  • Offer befriending or advocacy to people seeking sanctuary in your area
  • Offer volunteer placements for suitably skilled refugees or asylum seekers
  • Consider appointing refugees to positions of responsibility in your community.
  • Offer meeting space to an asylum or refugee community group
  • Fundraise for an asylum or refugee charity (e.g. Asylum Justice or the Welsh Refugee Council Destitution Fund)
  • Publicise City of Sanctuary, Refugee Week and other refugee events within your community
  • Publicise opportunities to volunteer with refugee charities

See printable PDF of the leaflet with the Resolution and ideas for actions here.

Contact us for more information: [email protected]