As a City of Sanctuary, Swansea has a long tradition of welcoming people from all over the world. If you have just arrived in Swansea then the information on this page might be useful for you.


Please download and print our Welcome Resource:resource may 2016

We have developed  two community online resources specifically for asylum seekers and refugees. These are online documents so anyone can go on and add information or edit as necessary and the changes will be automatically saved.
The first is a shared document which has information about classes, organisations and opportunities. Please feel free to add your organisation if you feel it should be on there or edit any details as appropriate.
The second is an online calendar  where you can add one-off events or short term courses/ classes. You do this by clicking directly onto the calendar and inputting your event.

If you are new to Swansea and want to get to know your new city and its people better, then contact us about volunteering.

If you would like some support to do the things you want and need to be doing then we offer a volunteer mentor programme. If you are interested in working with a mentor then please see our Welcome to Swansea page.

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